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The Doom Song!

Watching the world write it, one note at a time.

9 January 1982
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Who am I?

Hell, I've been spending most of my life still trying to figure that out.

I do, however, know what I am not. I am not one to give in to common mainstream ideas, and the silly little notions of a screwed up counter culture. I don't care about name brands, or what car you drive (or I drive for that matter), or how much bling you think you need.

"You are not your Khakis." (And, neither am I for that matter)

I am not an athiest, for I in fact, do believe in God. And, not only do I believe in God, but I believe in everything he said before and after, through the bible, and through the life of Christ. You don't have to like it, though it doesnt mean I like you any less =D Yet, I won't be Politically correct about it either.

Besides, who's bright idea was it to start becoming wussified, and watered down versions of ourselves just to please everyone anyways. Politically correct is just another word for "I dont have the balls to say what I really want to say."


I am not Goth, Gangsta, Prep, scene, punk, emo, or any other one of those silly little labels we use to "fit in", and make ourselves feel comfortable.

I am me. If you don't like it.....oh well, I didnt ask you. =D

I am not stupid. At least, when compared to my general defenition of what stupid is, and does. In fact, I like to consider myself fairly intelligent, and well versed in the english language... which reminds me.

"English! Do you speak it!"

So tired am I of people that can not speak proper english, that it drives me up the wall to hear people FUBAR simple words and phrases. Now, we teach ebonics, and imaginative spelling in school. But, I digress......

I am not an expert at ANYTHING! Anyone that claims to be an expert, in my opinion, is indeed not. Learning is a constant process, and never can you ever know everything there is to know about any one thing.

There are no such thing as experts. They are a myth, just like the tooth fairy.

Now that I have that out of the way, though I am sure more will be added as my whim and fiddle sees fit. :P

My journal will tend to be reflective, if not introspective, and my or may not offend some people. If you are easily offended, then read above and know that I am sorry (well, not really, but you were warned earlier.) Why will some people be offended? I dont know, it just happens from time to time, and without me really trying. Most of my observations are from a common sense, or theological stand point. I have found that it is the latter of the two that gets most people, for it is well known that religion and politics are the two things you should never talk about at the dinner table.