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So, I have made the first step and gotten the ball rolling. I moved out of my apartment in Pensacola and am living back in Fort Walton for the time being until such time as I am able to move. I am glad to be out of the apartment. I don't have to listen to Jenna and Tim play rockband till 530 in the morning, or fuck for that matter. I can actually sleep peacefully now.

I am slowly counting down the days till I leave. I will miss all of my friends dearly, but to the ones that know where I am going, I am very much looking forward to starting a new adventure.

It is funny that Jenna is still telling people that I trashed her reputation at work, when I did no such thing. As I said once before, she trashed her own reputation by her own words and actions. When you go out of your way to spread drama at work, managers take notice. Lewd and rude behavior is also going to be noticed by people. I never said anything about her behind her back at work, but more and more people are coming forward and telling me how much of a bitch she has been towards me, telling me how she was telling everyone I was stalking her, and this that and the other. Hell, I hung out with some people at work I had never hung out with before the other night, and even THEY told me the same. Has she told EVERYONE at work? I suppose because I am leaving, people think there is no harm in telling me at this point.

I think it is pretty petty and sad when you hold words against someone so hard, and so much, that you are willing to throw away a friendship. I could share lots of emails and chats, where she has gone on with things far worse than anything I have ever said, but what would be the point in that? Should I fight fire with fire, just to prove a point? I mean, it is a wonder she can keep any relationship at all with the way she treats people most of the time. I am not at all surprised that Tony broke up with her, though I honestly thought she was going to be the one to break up with him. I suppose at the moment she is getting everything she deserves, and is reaping all the very pain she has sown unto others for the last 8 months or so.

I apologized to her for the things I said in anger, several times in fact. She however is too chicken shit to talk about our differences. She always has been. If she and Tim had just been honest with me, instead of hiding it, and lying about it, then most of this would have been a non issue. But, hey, if they want to live thier life under a lie, and behind a facade, then so be it. It will eventually devour one of the two.

Her dad apologized to me for her being such a jerk, so I suppose that will do for me as far as an apology from her is concerned.

Anyways, just venting I guess. Things are moving towards my inteded goal, and I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone is doing well.

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