awarrenfells (awarrenfells) wrote,

51 Days left....

I find humor in the fact that, although Jenna SAYS she wants nothing to do with me, she sent me a friend invite on facebook a few days ago. Also, in addition to this, she sent me an email that simply stated: "You sir, are an ass hole." Now, I simply replied "cute." She swears up and down that she didn't send it, but it clearly came from her gmail account... and here is the kicker... it was sent to my work address. Is she stupid?

You know, between the slandering at work, which I have record of, her angry outbursts at work, which I also have record of and statements from co-workers [My team, after all, is a managerial escalation path], and on top of this email which now crosses into the category of work place harassment, I have enough to get her put onto a warning, if not terminated all together.

Yet, I am not going to do that. I am above all the immaturity. I am bigger than her petty squabbling, and in 51 days, it wont matter any more.

In any case, she is doing well on her own to work herself out of a job. The paper trail has already been started, and she is slowly tightening her own noose with her own actions at work. I am just going to sit back and watch. And when the floor falls out from under her, I will be in another state.

I am just sad that she is doing this to herself, but some people truly get what they deserve in the end.

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