awarrenfells (awarrenfells) wrote,

The fool and the wind...

A fool fell in love with the wind
an eccentric breeze that brought
much comfort and solace
from the flames around him.
He whispered to it secrets,
words that no one else would know
and laughed in joy, watching
as the wind filled his sails.
In time the wind moved on.
He watched sadly as the wind
filled the sails of others
His companion was gone.
The wind fluttered about
and paid him no heed
the silence and stillness
painful, as he walked alone
he missed the wind, but the wind
did not miss him, or so it seemed,
content with the perfumes
of other suitors and sails.
He was noticed no more.
He cried out to the wind
but it paid no mind or heed
So, he walked alone, watching
as the wind blew quietly
around him, and the flames
soon, slowly consumed him.
The fool burned alone.

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